Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are sure you may have a lot of questions. Let us try to make things easier for you, shall we?

How much does each tour cost?

Each tour itinerary differs and hence the cost too will vary. You can refer to your preferred itinerary on the tour listing page.

Do you have different rates for non-Indian travelers?

Yes, we do. The additional cost includes expenditure incurred for permits and other paper work that an Indian traveler does not require.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since it is a limited number of travelers and we do have fixed costs, there is a cancellation charge.

    • If you cancel your booking 45 days prior to departure date, you will be charged 12% of your total booking amount.
    • If you cancel your booking 10 days prior to departure date, a 40% fee will be deducted from your advance payment.
  • Cancellation with less than 10 days from date of departure will be charged at 60% of your total booking amount.

How much can a tour be customized?

Customized tours are not conducted along with our regular tours, and hence there is often no limits. We focus on tours to North East India, and hence the destinations will be from the area. In case you wish to explore other states in India, we do have trusted partners who can help you plan a custom itinerary as it suits you.

Is travel insurance necessary?

Yes. Clients must be insured to cover the costs of medical emergencies/ expenses incurred due to weather conditions, prevailing road conditions, political situations, natural calamities, change in flight schedule, mechanical malfunction, or any such unanticipated events or any acts of God.

Is credit card accepted widely?

The major restaurants, hotel and shops will accept credit cards but elsewhere you will need to carry cash for transaction.

What medical facilities are available?

Access to basic medical facilities is available in all locations. Major cities have good hospitals and healthcare facilities available.

Will vegetarian food be available?

Yes. The north east produces a lot of different green and regular vegetables. You will get vegetarian options of regular Indian cuisine and a limited choice of the local food.

How safe is it to travel to the north east?

Tourism in the North East has seen a gradual increase over the past few years and is expected to increase another 12% in 2019. For more information, please have a look at the following links: