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Transporting bamboo downstream, an important raw material in the North East, Tripura.

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One horn rhinoceros grazing inside The Kaziranga national park, Assam at sunset.


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Northeast of India

As a child, home was a century old Victorian styled bungalow, in Digboi, Assam. The name Digboi lies in the phrase “Dig, boy, dig!“ which was uttered by an English geologist who discovered a large pool of fossil fuel. Located in ground beneath the thick rain forest close to the borders of Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh. This led to the establishment of the first oil refinery outside America.

The Sela lake situated at 13,200ft above sea level, Arunachal Pradesh

The objective of the Japanese onslaught through Manipur and the Naga Hills during the second World War was to capture the Digboi Refinery. The Japanese were defeated in the heroic battle for Kohima, which, in a worldwide poll of 2nd World War veterans, was judged to be the greatest battle of the war. Kohima, was once the largest village in Asia. The famous Horn Bill Festival is held in December every year 30 kms from here.

Arunachal Pradesh is home to more than two dozen tribes and has large swathes of virgin rain forests. I have been smitten by the travel bug ever since I can remember, accompanying my father on many excursions on dirt track roads all over the eastern Himalayas. The world famous and picturesque monastery in Tawang ( 14, 500 ft ) is where the Dalai Lama had taken refuge after fleeing from the Chinese in 1950.

These are just a few facts about the region and there are many more. The 7 sister states of the Northeast and Sikkim showcases a veritable melting pot of diverse races, ethnicity, cultures, practices, lifestyles and cuisines. Come see how we live.

– Julie Kagti

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