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About Curtain Call Adventures

From the misty hills of Meghalaya and the droning chants of Sikkim monastery, to Arunachal Pradesh’s delectable cuisine, or Manipur’s intricate textile weavers, there are new worlds, cultures and cuisines to find tucked away in India’s northeastern regions.

Curtain Call Adventures was born with the mission of pushing past the boundaries of spectator tourism. We strive to cultivate the perfect travel experience for culture vultures, adventure seekers or families alike. With our founder, Julie Kagti and her team of local experts, the remotest of getaways will all come with the comforts of home.

Curtain Call Adventures was born with a vision to share the experiences that were part and parcel of her life growing up in the tea plantations of Assam in the verdant semi-tropical forest region of the Brahmaputra valley. The team, spear headed by Julie, have got a mix of rural and urban activities both for young children and adults to make it a perfect travel experience for your client.

What makes Curtain Call Adventures different?

Learn about undiscovered local customs and traditions with an expansive network of naturalists, guides and transporters. We provide hand-picked and tailored itineraries for each of your clients, whether they wish to venture into city markets or the isolated country sides.


  • Tribal textiles: indigenous and local artisans at work and natural dye workshops.
  • Interesting jewellery culture: comprises of colourful beaded ornaments which compliment the vibrancy of the tribal weaves.
  • Food-fuelled tours: trips to bazaars and villages with demonstrations, classes or tasting.
  • The tea estates: walk through the verdant plains and learn to harvest, roast and prepare local tea varieties. Visit the smaller tribal tea growers and a session with a with a tea taster to make a blend of tea.
  • And much, much more: performing arts, photography workshops, birding and trekking, anthropology, architecture, mask-making, music and dance, mobile videography and sustainable forest practices.

Immersive Journeys

While some travel styles involve seeing a new culture or place as a spectator,immersive travel means being completely surrounded with the newness of an unfamiliar place and meaningfully engaging with it’s history, culture, people and environment.

Low impact, responsible tourism ties in with the basic philosophy of truly ‘immersive travel’. The Northeast of India though a largely unexplored destination offers a variety of activities related to culture, food, crafts and outdoor adventure like trekking, camping, cycling and bonding with nature.


Curtain Call Adventures is registered under the trade license registry of Assam (the largest state in the Northeast of India) and a member of the Tour Operator Association of Assam.

Our Guarantees

Comfort. Flexibility. 24-hour support.

  • High service standards and attention-to-detail to exceed client expectations
  • Trips crafted for comfort and paced as your client desires
  • Licensed and knowledgeable drivers with vehicles stocked with drinking water, snacks, and medical kits
  • Routes designed for both planned and unexpected stops – to taste the local delicacies and take in the breathtaking sights
  • Accommodations even in the remotest of locations are all pre-assessed and picked for client comfort; 5-star, 4-star or boutique homestays will be arranged in the larger towns (based on budget)
  • Due to the pandemic we have set up more checks and measures with our transport, accommodation and activity partners to maintain a high standard of hygiene and sanitation. While curating your trip we are ensuring that activities we recommend are not crowded.
  •  We are looking at places with a maximum no of activities so that you don’t have to move destinations frequently and still have a fabulous immersive experience.