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Vocal for Local

I started my travel venture in 2017 to benefit local communities, as I believe, for a sustainable environment, the economy and well-being at the grass root local level needs to be self-sufficient. I realized that most tour operators didn’t offer an in depth cultural immersive tour in the region. I wanted to address this segment of tourism and find solutions for a few of the challenges faced when taking clients to lesser-visited destinations.

Low impact, responsible tourism ties in with the basic philosophy of truly ‘immersive travel’. The Northeast of India, though still a largely unexplored destination, offers a variety of activities and experiences related to culture, food, arts, crafts and outdoor adventure like trekking, camping, cycling and bonding with nature. We remain active in various forums that are looking to bring a positive more sustainable change in tourism and champion the cause of artisans and the rich craft tradition of the region. Supporting local enterprises and communities is a large part of my vision for Curtain Call Adventure. We include visits to small entrepreneurs, promote creative talents, include food artisans and visits to local textile artists and crafts people in our itineraries, so that our guests can meet and interact with them. Understanding the ancient traditions of the communities we visit, helps foster an understanding and respect for the cultures of the Northeast. Many of our most valued and popular guides, are individuals from local communities, who can share and illuminate the history, culture, customs, spiritual beliefs of a community in a way outsiders just cannot.

We also work with local NGOs who actively promote Northeast cultural traditions.

Just a few of the local NGOs that we work with:

  • Green Hub, an environmental conservation organisation working with grassroots youth projects.
  • The Living Bridge Foundation, which restores and maintains living root bridges which had fallen into disrepair, and to encourages the art of making root bridges to continue.
  • Muezart’s Eri Silk is produced sustainably in local villages in Meghalaya. The yarn is made by hand and dyed with natural, plant-based ingredients. By creating new markets and new uses for Eri Silk, Muezart creates new opportunities for the women living in remote villages, and help to revive and to keep alive the old tradition of Eri Silk making.
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