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A final Thank You for this wonderful trip. The trip to Dirang and the Sangti Valley, the wonderful drive up and it various waterfalls, and scenic views, nostalgic drives through military cantonments, The Mind Blowing Sela all its "Stark Snowy Splendour", the beautiful sights in Tawang Valley, its quaint nunnery and a 6 year old novice.!! The centuries old Iron Bridge, the chains still steadfast after 600 years, forged to test time.!! Birthdays on financial year endings with" Friends Forever" Cake and Soju on car hoods, on an icy cold day, before friends part!! Aaah, life's Memorable Moments.!! The Trip to Bumla Pass and 'Soldiers Speeches', which stir the patriot in you.....Beautiful Monasteries that kindle gentle spirits, and calm your soul.😊 Of Madhuri Lake and promises to visit Zeimthang on a future date. We'll have lots to reminiscence about.... We knew you would be better than others, who travel this wonderous road to where the sun rises first over India.!! Thank You Julie 😊👍🥂

We would like to thank Julie & Erina for a wonderfully curated tour of Arunachal Pradesh with a slice of Assam. Although we could spend only 5 nights, the diversity of experience packed in, the attention to detail, the constant follow up and support, the wonderful support team - drivers, guides and hosts, made it an immersive experience, with lifelong memories to cherish.

Thank you all for the amazing North East memories! I’m so glad to have done it with you all. I’m already thinking about when I will come back next!

Thank you Washant for your hospitality and for giving us a wonderful memorable experience in SriLanka. Your insights and trivia about each place we visited made the journey more enjoyable. All of us had an excellent time especially the children.. We have reached our Bangalore home safely.. looking forward to our next tour with Julie and team, as well as to come back to SriLanka again.

Thank you Julie for the lovely wishes! We celebrated our anniversary yesterday in Galle. We swam in the sea with turtles and that was an amazing experience! Totally unexpected… it was supposed to be a normal beach visit and splash in the water! Eva and Rachel swam alongside! It was amazing.

Julie is a person I'd highly recommend if one is planning a trip to the North East. I've travelled with her multiple times and can vouch that the trips have been nothing short of the exceptional. Being from the North East herself, she has complete understanding of the finer local aspects and this helps her plan trips where travellers experience the beauty of the place through nature, culture, local people and the likes, in the most unique of ways. This apart, her meticulous planning and approachability will ensure that the trips in an unknown land are stress-free.

My visit to Mystical Tawang was my third immersive journey with Curtaincall Adventures to the North East of India. I, repeatedly, travel with Julie Kagti’s team because they go beyond the usual tourist attractions to help me discover the culture, craft, food, flora & fauna and topography of the region. And, they do it in the most comfortable yet eco-friendly way possible.

Hi Julie, from my perspective it’s been a really wonderful trip! For me, the highlights were the visit to the Diwan silk village (talking to our local guide and the lunch with Kong Moulina and family) and Bamaeri resort in Meghalaya; visiting the Garo village in Assam with Erica; and Kaziranga. Also our lovely dinner at your aunt Maya’s house… Those amazing experiences alone were worth the trip! And some other parts were very interesting as well. I felt we only got a quick taste of each place, especially in Nagaland, but that is to be expected in a mere 10 day trip. I know how valuable the trip has been for Jennifer’s work. And the girls have really enjoyed themselves too! We are very grateful to Pradeep who has been a wonderful driver, and thank you Erina for all of your support. Julie, thank you for setting up a wonderful itinerary for us!

Expressing heartfelt thanks to my amazing travel companions! From the vibrant beats of Hornbill Festival to exploring Kohima market, and the serenity of Khonama village – each photo captured a chapter of our unforgettable week. Cherishing the shared smiles, the concert vibes, and the warmth of our conversations over meals. Until we embark on the next adventure together! Thank you Curtain Call Adventures for curating wonderful experience and bringing us all together.

I had the pleasure of travelling to Arunachal Pradesh with this remarkable travel company. The itinerary was curated with meticulous attention to the smallest details, ensuring the trip was well planned and journey memorable.Julie is knowledgeable about the region and passionate about their insights and local stories, making it a truly amazing cultural experience. The selection of local cuisine and restaurants was also a delightful way to savour the flavours of the region.thank you for a great trip!

A wonderfully well curated visit of Arunachal Pradesh. Learnt so much about the culture and the people there.So well taken care of by Julie, her guides and drivers. She takes care of everyone's needs and was totally a part of the group. Almost all hotels were good barring a couple of them. And to top it all, Arunachal was a beauty; would never be able to visit such a place without someone who does so much spadework for her guests to be comfortable, see almost all aspects of the place; visiting village homes, lakes etc etc. Thanks to Julie and her team. All the best to you for your future endeavours.

Dear Julie and Erina, The Arunachal Pradesh trip is amongst the most memorable of my trip. The planning, experience and care for each individual needs were looked into. The cultural experience of visiting Mongpa homes, learning to make momos, getting savoir local cuisine and of course the breathtaking natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh were the highlights. Hope to do another trip with you, maybe to Nagaland next. Warm regards

Dear Julie and Erina, thank you for the lovely experience. We are going back with loads of memories and look forward to visiting again in the future! ❤

Thank you Erina and Julie for the wonderfully organised trip.. appreciate all your support throughout the trip.. A shout out to Kullen as well, he was very helpful and courteous throughout the trip..the guides as well were good and knowledgeable.. Overall had a wonderful experience and will be looking to come back some time soon.

The property in Paro is really lovely green with the sound of water running in the distance.. the rooms were very nice .. new updated bathrooms , and all sorts of supplies very fancy bathrobes toiletries etc .. and the food was great .. nice modern take on some of the Bhutanese food , very nice authentic bhutanese food, pretty good indian food and I am sure they probably could pull off continental as well . Good simple breakfast and the staff were so sweet and helpful. The guide and driver were excellent .. both the guide Kenzang and the driver Dorji were very knowledgeable of the history and the local customs , very obliging and helpful , always on time and available all the time … and also good fun ! Car was Very comfy and well kept . Dorji drove very safely .. all in all a very good team . Kelly and his dad were lovely and especially meeting the dad and hearing his stories was very very cool .. Definitely highly recommend . 😘🤗.. thanks for organising such a lovely trip!

On behalf of our client Mr. Vivek and family, I want to express my appreciation to you and your team for the excellent efforts in making their trip a memorable one. You have taken all the initiatives in providing the family with all that they required while they travelled in Sikkim. Thank you.

We had an absolutely brilliant holiday in Assam and Meghalaya with Curtain Call Adventures! Julie curated the trip perfectly to address our requirements and interests, including those of our 9-year old child. The logistics were meticulously set up and managed, with Julie and Erina keeping in touch through our journey. I strongly recommend Curtain Call Adventures for a wonderful experience in North-East India. We will be back soon

Thank you Curtain Call Adventures for curating an outstanding trip. Thank you universe

My trip to assam was incredible and carefully planned by julie and her team.. Right from the time i landed in gawhati i was greeted by her driver and a car packed with snacks ...fresh food and water. My experiences in all places i visited were carefully planned and enjoyable. The trip to the monastry and delicious meal at the tribal village was a great experience! The hotels and homestays were clean and comfortable. Julie was constantly in touch and made sure that i was well taken care of! As a solo woman traveler i felt very secure and well taken care of! I recommend it highly to people who would like to make a visit to these places!

Arati with weaver Rita at her home in Majuli enjoying a traditional mising dinner

Thank you Julie and team for a wonderful trip to the Hornbill festival and a lovely experience of Naga cuisine and the village visits...a wonderfully curated experience made extra special by the guides and drivers..a big Thank you

Just finished a 5 day textile tour of Manipur. While I have done a few trips to the north east this particular one to Manipur was immersive, thoroughly planned and beautifully executed. It was wonderful to have Julie travel with us given her deep knowledge and insights of the region! This was also special because I met a group of lovely people. All in all a wonderful trip and I hope to do more trips with Julie and the team at Curtain Call Adventures!

Thank you Julie and all the fellow travellers for this fabulous week. It was so so much more than what I hoped it would be. Hoping we all have more trips as lovely as this one.
Julie I could fly back with that massive pink basket and all the shopping intact, that's clearly a sign that nothing could go wrong. Thanks to your excellent planning and to all of you for who you all are 🙂

We were hoping to get our toes wet in the bid to explore the northeast. This has been a wonderful introduction to this lovely part of our country. Thanks Julie and all the rowdies we meet on this trip 🙂 Looking forward to many more trips to this region.

I remember that concall with Julie telling me and Subodh about this “curated tour” to the North East. Places like Ziro and Tezpur were completely new to me then. Since Subodh can’t take long bumpy drives anymore, I decided to do this on my own with Harini, who willingly agreed to join me. This was going to be our first girlie holiday together. When I met Sita for lunch, I casually mentioned about this trip, and Sita was keen too! Sita was lucky to be the last person to sign up ! So started our memorable Eastern Sojourn….. After a very hectic week of meetings, presentations and late nights, we finally set out on an early morning direct flight from Bangalore to Guwahati to be pleasantly received by a glamorous Mekhala Chador clad Julie, proudly representing her state Assam, that we were on the verge of visiting. It was excitement galore for us especially to meet Sita who joined us from Shillong that morning. Then followed the visit to Kamakhya Temple (of the Goddess of Desire) – a must do when in Guwahati, so we were told by some of the locals. We got a taste of the distinct architecture, especially the typical temple dome that is also replicated in a contemporary style at the Taj Vivanta main building. The visit to the Assam State Museum was as fascinating with it’s various galleries depicting the rich art and culture of the region. The most interesting was the Ethnography gallery depicting the artefacts of the different groups of the tribal population of Assam. Rich beautiful textiles artistically displayed were a treat to watch. The village life of Assam gallery was so realistic and gave a glimpse into the lifestyle of the people back then. It seemed unbelievable that the ever so beautiful and serene Brahmaputra river could rage and flood and devastate villages during peak monsoon year after year! Our ferry ride was absolutely calm with the locals staring at us and some very busy on their smart phones! The bumpy roads were compensated by lush green paddy fields with fire flies (by night ) and many shops along the roads selling beautiful cane and wood work, especially cane baskets, moodas, hats ,etc at very reasonable prices. The morning and evening jungle safari at the Kaziranga National Park was an absolute treat. Such a surreal experience!Watching the One horned Rhino and other animals and birds was thrilling and brought out the child in each one of us! Majuli was an experience by itself. Though the hotel and food there was pretty mediocre, it was compensated by a beautiful river where we went for a quiet walk and watched different birds and even horses grazing across the river. A picnic here would have been ideal! Visit to the monasteries was nice, especially the dance performance inside the family monastery depicting a story from the Ramayana with the artistic and colourful masks was par excellence! The simplicity of the people and their way of life is very touching. The drive to Ziro was scenic with so many flowering trees in bloom like the pink cherry blossom and white pear blossom alongwith what we called the delicate red ‘’Assamese Sakura’’!! The wild ferns, grass,bamboos and banana plants were a treat to the eyes. We were lucky to sight a few Mithuns along the way – a good omen, according to our driver Rupu. We thoroughly enjoyed the drive along the curvey narrow roads listening to some melodious Assamese folk music to add flavour to our tour. We were shocked to find out the rate of the strings of beads in the market ranging from Rs 5000 to even Rs 5,00,000!!! We were told that the Apatani tribal women do not wear gold or silver, instead they wear beads made of river stones that are passed on from generations within the family and hence cost so much! The Apatani women are so beautiful inspite of all the tattoo marks on their faces that were supposedly made so that they looked ugly to save them from invaders. They are a happy lot, farming, growing kiwi, rearing pigs and children and enjoying their rice wine. It amazes us to see them living the way they do in this time and age! They live in simple bamboo and pine wood homes on stilts with no furniture. A steep ladder takes you inside their home which has a fire burning in the center of the room, on top of which they cook their meat. They still believe in animal sacrifices and spirits! It sure is a very different world! The slightly well to do people however, do enjoy the luxury of owning modern gadgets like the rice cooker, TV, refrigerator, mobile phones, beds, cupboards, chairs, tables, etc Walks in the Bamboo and Pine forest were very enjoyable. Wish we had the time to do to more such nature walks. After a long and tiring drive to Tezpur, we were happy to spend the night in a comfortable 4 star hotel. Agnigarh in Tezpur was very interesting for it’s history and scenic view. Glad that Sita found it on Google else Tezpur would have been uneventful with no agenda! Not to forget our shopping on this tour….ranging from baby potatoes, fresh rajma, palm jaggery from the market to shawls, necklaces, beads, bracelets, mufflers, wooden rhinos, Mekhla chador, muga silk and saris, Eri dupattas, cushion covers, cane baskets, etc etc from emporiums, street shops, dhabas, technical centre and even airport! We all contributed well to the State’s economy for sure! All in all, the tour was very enjoyable. Julie being a local person helped a lot. It was heartening to see her mingling so freely with everyone, whether it was the shop keepers or the Apatani tribal women. She was so considerate that she even carried biscuits for the little kids in the villages! The drivers and the Innova cars were excellent. The hotels in Guwahati and Tezpur were really good. The ones in Ziro and Majuli could have been better though. Julie took care of little things like coffee for everybody and drinks too. She was a great help in guiding us regarding our shopping as well, fabrics, pricing, quality, sourcing, etc. Thanks to Sita for organising the wonderful picnic lunch! Thanks to Julie’s aunt Maya for having us over to her charming house for a lavish and delicious dinner spread. Was really nice to meet her family. What I took from the trip was a lot of learning…about simplicity in living especially after looking at the lives of the Apatanis, met such lovely ladies and made new friends, got to learn quite a bit about the NE and the culture there, and much much more than words can say……..

We can't thank you enough for a wonderful trip! Rajib, the driver, was always pleasant, prompt and helpful. The experiences in Meghalaya were one better than the other… Some were out of this world! The knowledge that you were planning ahead and just a chat or call away was immensely comforting. All the pleasure of a thoughtfully curated and planned trip with none of the pain or hassle… One can get used to it! Next, Kaziranga and Tawang?! Thank you Julie, what a glorious five days! Soaked in the greens and blues the best we could! We would love to do another one - hopefully very soon! The sacred forest was so dark and alluring, loved our walk there. Had some amazing lunch just outside, made by a Kong.

There are some experiences that are more than just travel and checklists. Some experiences are intriguing and insightful in equal measure. The curated tour of Manipur during the Sangai festival with Julie was such a tour for me. In the company of inspiring travellers I explored the various facets of Manipur, including food, art, weaving, history, wildlife and culture. Throughout the tour I was in a constant TIL (Today I Learned) phase. I was surprised at how little I knew about Manipur, and how much I gained in a span of 5 days. Julie’s understanding of the Manipuri society, swapping stories with fellow travellers and discussing local politics and fabrics with equal fervour, this is a tour I am not likely to forget soon. Thank you Julie for curating this beautiful tour around Manipur. I look forward to traveling with you soon!

It was really nice meeting all of you. We all had a great time. Thank you so much all of you for making this trip so enjoyable and fun. Special thanks to Julie for organising it and showing us around.

Ditto! Thanks, Julie for showing us such a beautiful part of the country. Those of us in Bangalore: let’s try and meet if possible before the kids go back to school? Those in Bombay, we’d love to see you again soon!

Thank you so much for this wonderfull trip! We saw so many amazing landscapes and met so many different people !The drivers were perfect! The 2 guides: Wangden and Abijet were so nice and kind ! The young one in Gangtok too of course! The places were perfect especially in Dzongu and Kalimpong! And the food so delicious almost everywereI believe we have made very very long memory for our family and with our friends! So, thank you again for this unforgettable holydays!!! Best regards,

I and my wife had planned to visit Kaziranga National Park, Assam on 02ndNov. and Arunachal Pradesh Tour during 06-13 November 2018 for which we approached Ms Julie the owner of Curtain Call Adventure for the travel plan. Though it was a very short notice, Ms Julie assured us for the needful and she came out with a wonderful travel plans. The accommodation arrangement at Kaziranga, Sapoi Tea Estate, Dirang, Tawang and Bomdila was excellent and very comfortable and ideally located. The Jeep Safari and especially the Elephant ride in the early morning hours when we rode through the thick bushes was unforgettable one. We have spotted many Rhinos, deer, buffalos and various kinds of birds. For Arunachal Pradesh tour, a new vehicle with an experienced driver was provided to us, who is very familiar on such difficult mountainous terrain route with challenging road conditions. Just prior to our journey from Guwahati, Ms Julie intimated timely about the stone blast work resulting into landslides on the Bhalupong – Tenga valley road and she advised me regarding rerouting as well as change in accommodation. Initially, first stay was at Nameri (Tiger Reserve) area but because of road closures and blasting work, she got it changed to Sapoi Tea Estate in Assam which is an excellent property with a great host Mr Kesav being pleasant and friendly who had taken care of us very well and we felt very homely. We were overwhelmed by the warmth hospitality extended to us by his parents and sister family too. As we were there on the day of Diwali, we were invited to attend puja in their temple and Diwali celebrations. When we joined with them we felt as our own family members and we will ever forget this. Even while returning back from Tawang, we once again stayed with them. Though Tawang was very cold freezing temperature in the night, but it was sunny during day and comfortable temperature. Also, we have visited Bumla Pass by hiring a local taxi as per Govt. requirement as other vehicles are not permitted. Arunachal Pradesh offers a delightful ambience to set and enjoy. It is surrounded by lush green forest where you can feel the fresh air of mountain and some places magnificent sight of river flow. Throughout our journey, the scenic view is absolutely heavenly. It is a challenge to preserve this wonderful bliss green life and aqua beauty. The entire journey was most enjoyable moment and we refused to take back the focus of our eye sight from the nature. Overall, it was an awesome memorable trip of Arunachal Pradesh. We were extremely happy for having chosen Curtain Call Adventures and personally thank Ms Julie for wonderful arrangements all through our trip and left no stone unturned, which can’t be better without your expert guidance. I strongly recommend Curtain Call Adventures for their concern to ensure customers happiness and the care taken by them. Also, we would like to travel through Curtain Call Adventures only, to other states of North East.

I am thankful to Julie for organizing on very short notice a memorable 8-day trip that covered parts of Assam and Meghalaya. From attending cooking classes in Guwahati to the elephant safari in Kaziranga to being hosted for lunch by locals and getting a taste of Khasi food and culture, it was unlike anything I have ever done before. The highlights of the trip for me was the visit to the Karizanga orchid and bio-diversity park, the evening sunset cruise on the Brahamputra and the once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the Bihu festivities at Kokrajhar. Julie’s tips on where to shop and her guidance on Shillong’s legendary traffic jams were very useful for first timers like me. This was my first trip to the North East, but definitely not the last. I’ll surely be back for more.

In December 2017 my wife and I joined a group heading to ‘Awesome Assam’ curated by Julie Kagti. The Assam landscape felt eerily similar to Kerala but with prettier ladies! Our brief stay at Guwahati was highlighted by the amazing river cruise on the Brahmaputra and ending with a fabulous dinner and evening at Julie’s aunts plantation style house where the food served were the remnants of the British Raj influenced by Indian ingredients… it was fabulous! The next day we headed out for a long drive along the length of Assam through countryside and tea plantations on our way to one of the largest river island in the world, Majuli. Two days there and the best part of the trip unfolded in Kaziranga. The Kaziranga wild life preserve is simply amazing. We did an early morning elephant ride and an afternoon jeep safari. We saw many of the endangered one horned Rhinoceros and some at nearly just 20 feet away. Going to a place with someone who has lived there is really a different experience. Julie is DNA Assam… her connections and language skills ensure that you have a super experience. We had private elephants and private safari jeeps to take us into Kaziranga. We were guided skillfully through monasteries and tea plantation tours. The cars were good with skillful drivers and the entire trip went really well.

My trip to Guwahati-Dimapur-Kaziranga was the best ever. It was a melange of experiences that were very genuine. Thank you to your wonderful relatives who welcomed me into their homes and shared food, conversation and insights. The fantastic course meal served by your friend was not just about the food but also about understanding Assamese food culture. The visits to the weaving units in Nagaland were the highlight of my trip and the entire North-East is a treasure trove of textiles and crafts. The weekly local market in Dimapur such fun. Kaziranga was a piece of heaven and is certainly not to be missed. My heartfelt thanks for putting so much thought into the planning of this unforgettable travel experience.

This journey was a mixture of news experience for us, from big traffic jam and pollution ?, to relax end quiet inside the tea garden. We were glade to meet you aunt, because they are very nice people and kindly. Impossible to forget the great food at your friend apartment. We will never forget a safari trip. We saw an elephant and rhino only at the zoo before our trip.

A totally personally curated tour for my daughter and me- your eye for detail, understanding our likes perfectly, suggesting the right amount to do yet very unusual experiences, checking on us daily, and even modifying our itinerary on the spot to suit us….. you pampered us so thoroughly and effortlessly that we will be back for more. I liked your tasteful choices and recommendations for our stay, food, shopping and things to see. A taste of culture, compassion , conscientious, spirituality and masti is what I came home with. And I want more…. travelled in April 2018 to Assam and Meghalaya along with her daughter.

This trip was a mix of all of the wonderful experiences that a curated trip can offer. It was full of colourful, cultural, spiritual and a whole lot of madness in the days that we spent together. We travelled with some wonderful people which makes this so much of an amazing experience to live with. Julie, has the most in depth knowledge of the place and so we got to see the best and most interesting places and also eat and stay at the most quaint places. Perfect really! Thank you so much , Julie for the most brilliantly planned and executed trip of Tawang , It simply couldn’t have been any better – now looking forward to the the next with Curtain call adventures.

Thank you so so much for organizing the incredible trip last week. Everything was perfect – the food was amazing, the welcome we got from each place that we stayed in was fantastic and we absolutely loved Munlom ( except for those hyper active dogs!!!). The picnic on the river was fabulous, the hikes, everything! We were lucky with the weather too. We wanted to adopt Wangden and bring him back to Paris.He was just the sweetest – always a smile on his face, a helping hand and 100% committed to making everyone feel at ease and comfortable.WIndsongs in Kalimpong was the perfect place to end the North Eastern part of the trip. We made wonderful memories , met fabulous people and our hearts are really full of joy. Thanks once again for going that extra mile and planning that super trip for my family and friends.Hope to see you soon.

Julie!!!! Fabulous fabulous trip!! The kids have been talking non stop about the trip! Thank you for showing us your part of the world . Can’t wait to explore more with you. And all you wonderful people - it was so awesome meeting all of you and spending the last 7 days! Let’s keep in touch!

Thank you for that absolutely fabulous and memorable trip!

Had the most delightful introduction to Manipur and her culture through my trip with Curtain Call Adventures. It was a short trip but one that provided a fascinating insight into the varied dimensions of Manipur's rich heritage and history and the many firsts to the state's credit that one knows little about like the fact that Manipur is the birthplace of the modern form of polo...that we got to see a couple of international polo matches played on the famous and now dwindling Manipur horses was an absolute delight! An immersion into the food and textile traditions of the state was as much fun as it was educative. I liked the fact that our itinerary was fluid so that we were able to move things around based on changing schedules of the Sangai festival as also the preferences of the group. So although one travelled in a group, there was enough of customisation to ensure everyone's needs were looked after

What Julie is doing with Curtain Call Adventures is nothing short of truly spectacular. Having grown up and traveled extensively throughout India’s Northeast states, ingraining herself into both the culture and cuisine, her tours take you on a journey through locations, dishes, and lives like no other. With her contagious energy, you’ll be especially lucky if she’s joining along for the ride. A blast; eager (and hungry) for more.

Thanks a lot Julie and Erina. We were especially touched by some of the small gestures such as the travel pouches , the collection of eclectic snacks and munchies for the car journeys, the wonderful bouquet of roses that Sneha got today and the overall warmth of all the people you put us in touch with on the holiday. 😀😀 We had an awesome trip. Thank you for all the wonderful arrangements. The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the houseboat experience. Will definitely recommend it to friends and family. Once again, thank you for taking such good care of us and making our trip so memorable. We are both going back completely relaxed and with some wonderful memories from the trip.

Curtain Call adventures helmed by Julie Kagti planned an experience in Meghalaya for us as if she knows us since years! We were looking for things that we love- food, adventure, nature, handloom, peace, seclusion.... she planned it all! We visited waterfalls with not a soul in sight; looked onto skies where God hand painted the horizon; walked till the root bridges with a guide who enthralled us with stories of the forest; had curated meals in local homes to celebrated dining experiences. and we did it all at a pace that was easy- so every sense was nourished. we got daily tips and secrets to make our experience even more intense. Personal care, attention to detail, and a keen ear to understand what the traveller wants- all was fulfilled by her. one of our best travel memories. Thanks team @curtain call for making this so fabulous.

Thank you, Julie, for making all this happen. And, thank you Co-travellers. This will be in my list of most memorable travels.

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