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About the founder, Julie Kagti

Julie Kagti spent her childhood in the tea plantations of Digboi, Assam embedded in the semi-tropical forests of the Brahmaputra valley. She still fondly remembers her holidays while growing up, accompanying her father through the states of the Northeast. It were these very travels that inspired her imagination and taught her just how vital it was to experience new cultures while young.

When not travelling, Julie had spent an abundant amount of time with her grandmother learning to weave. This sparked her career path for the next twenty years: an entrepreneur, designer and teacher in the textile industry.

Now a wife and mother to two, Julie has returned to her roots using her innate understanding (and love) for the region’s languages and customs to bring travellers into these sparsely explored paths. Julie’s magnetic passion and subtle understanding of the Northeast allows her to curate not only authentic experiences, but also memorable and enriching travels.

There’s a magic to be found in the Northeast and Julie is the perfect guide.

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