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Curtain Call Adventures have made media appearances time and again, and we feel proud in getting featured or mentioned by Travel related websites and magazines. Here you will find select publishing houses and top blogger’s take on their experience with us.

NatGeo –

April 8,2020

The “food trip’ was organised by Curtain call adventures  and our curator Julie accompanied the writer, Varud Gupta who based on the experience wrote the following article – Tribal Tunes of Meghalaya.

Assamese farmers dot the horizon, harvesting rice crops so they can plant mustard greens as autumn comes to an end. Waves of amber paddy fields sway goodbye to us as we leave Guwahati and the yellow-billed egrets that keep a watchful eye over the land. In the taxi, I’m accompanied by Julie Kagti of Curtain Call Adventures and our local guide, Bibhob Asangma, as we swerve along the curvy roads rounding deep into Meghalaya’s humid hills filled with thickets of lush vegetation. My view morphs into a tangle of sprawling ferns, tall palms, stalks of bamboo, and creeping pepper vines as we enter the district of West Garo Hills, the heartland of the Garo tribes.

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The National Lifestyle – Feb 7, 2020

Curtain call adventures was mentioned in the article titled – The story behind Nupi Keithel: the market in India that’s run entirely by women, by the National, in the Lifestyle section.

Manipur was once a prosperous Tibeto-Burman kingdom that became part of India in 1949, but suffered for decades due to separatist unrest. In recent times, with the return of peace, it has opened up in a small way to tourism. I am exploring the state on a trip organised by Julie Kagti of Curtain Call Adventures, which helps travellers discover India’s relatively unexplored north-east. Hailing from Assam, Kagti is a textile designer.

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Outlook Responsible Tourism – June 2019

Curtain Call Adventures was featured in an article:

Julie and her team at Curtain Call use their insider’s insights and local network to craft trips built around special interests like tribal textiles, local cuisine or performing arts. Even the general interest tours curated by Curtain Call are not the run of the mill sightseeing tours that just aim at visiting the main landmarks of a destination.’

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Deccanherald – July 13th, 2019

Curtain Call Adventures was featured in an article, Travel with a Twist, in Deccan Herald. On your next vacation , take the road less travelled, or connect with culture. Prachi Jose suggests a few offbeat travel ideas… – September 3, 2018

Style coach Aiana has been voted among the 10 best fashion bloggers to follow in India. Excerpts from her blog on what she has to say about our curated tours –

“I want to share this unique holiday experience with everyone who has wanted to do this but didn’t know where to find it. Curtaincall Adventures is name by which her tours go. It is an unique experience and she says she named her curated tours Curtain Call Adventures because she relates it with how actors bow after the last act and curtain falls, this may just be our last chance to see north east’s culture as is before modernity takes over their way of life”…..

“Actually joys of travelling with her, yes she travels with you on tour or facilitates expert experienced local guides to accompany you who she feels will enhance your experience more, that’s how she has been marinating sanctity of how she envisions it all, so the joy of travelling with her is she even takes you shopping for she knows the best places to find unique things at a bargain”….

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Sunday Magazine, The Hindu, April 28, 2018

Julie Kagti was quoted in the article on Myoko Festival and Apatani tribes.

“The Apatanis are traditionally animists and they worship nature,” explains Julie Kagti pointing to the religious Donyi-Polo flags — a red sun emblazoned on a white background — fluttering outside several houses. Kagti is the owner of Curtain Call Adventures, which curates small-group culture-focussed trips to Northeast India.

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Lonely Planet Magazine India – July 2020

Article -Travel to save the world

Sustainable or low impact travel is a way of taking responsibility to  benefit and help local communities prosper.  They are the guardians of our environment and our traditions, living in symbiosis with nature and key to maintaining the harmony and balance of our existence on Earth. Our curator Julie was one of the experts who provided into for this must read article on conscious travel.

“Voluntary based vacation to help in any area of interest – remote education, environment projects, waste management, farming and craft projects are great ways to connect one’s interest and benefit the environment. These can be done solo, with friends or as a family. A great way to connect children to nature, heritage and make them conscious responsible global citizens.”

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Living Foodz

Curtain Call adventures was mentioned in the article titled – 10 Destinations to visit in India in 2020.

Manipur is an underrated gem in Northeast India offering everything from adventure travel (e.g. a canoe ride inside Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world’s only floating wildlife park) to sampling tribal cuisines to exploring the state’s vast textile heritage. “The Meitei community is known for the finest silk gauze with abstract floral patterns hand-woven by the women around Bishnapur district,” says Julie Kagti, Founder, Curtain Call Adventures, a boutique travel company that curates cultural trips to the Northeast ( She also recommends visiting villages of the Rongmei community who use back-strap looms and create intricate patterns without tracing or marking, just using patterns passed on from mothers to daughters.

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Roots & Leisure – 11 Nov 2019

Roots & Leisure magazine featured Curtain Call Adventures in an article titled “Julie Kagti, Owner of Curtain Call Adventures, Is Helping People Explore Northeast”.

Julie Kagti of ‘Curtain Call Adventures’, has come a long way since starting her business in 2016. Her venture focuses on creating localised travel experiences for people in the Northeast region. She promotes a more wholesome way of travelling by including local art, culture, and guides in your travel experience.

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NatGeo Traveller India -February 2019 Edition

Curtain Call Adventures was featured on the article, Make Time for Manipur, in the February 2019 edition of the NatGeo Traveller India Magazine.

The first thing most people would notice about Imphal, Manipur’s capital city, is that it seems to be overrun with shabby, worn down buildings, traffic and dusty streets. And the city often becomes the mirror for the state. But if you have flown over the picturesque Loktak Lake, you’d know there’s more to this sleepy state than meets the eye. And there’s more to the city as well.

The author travelled with Curtain Call Adventures (www., which organises curated journeys to the north east of India.

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NatGeo Traveller India – June 2018 Edition

Curtain Call Adventures was featured on the article, Tribal Tastes in Arunachal Pradesh, in the June 2018 edition of the NatGeo Traveller India Magazine.

Though Tezpur is the closest airport to Ziro, it’s not well connected and flight timings are erratic. The best way to reach Ziro is to fly to Guwahati and then get to Ziro by road (450 km/approx. 12 hr northeast). Private or shared taxis can be booked from the city. Visitors need an Inner Line Permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh.

Curated tours, like those offered by Curtain Call Adventures (, who the writer travelled with, arrange accommodation, travel, permits, and local culinary experiences.

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