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Go on a Wild Family Adventure

Go on a Wild Family Adventure ( 4 nights/5 days) Little Roots Trip to Manas with a day trip to Bhutan and one…

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Connect to a Passion – Textile and Costume tour of Assam and Manipur

Watching the women from the Liangmai tribe in Manipur work on their back strap looms in their small but neat village homes, you…

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Eat In The East: The Assam And Meghalaya Culinary Experience

The seven sisters of the North East and Sikkim showcase a veritable melting pot of diverse races, ethnicities, cultures, mores, practices, lifestyles and…

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The Burrah Sahib’s Tea Tour of Assam

The colonial rule played a very important part in the north east and it is most visible in Upper Assam. It was for…

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Evening jeep safari inside Kohora central range at Kaziranga, Assam, Northeast India

A jaunt in the jungles of Assam

The places have been chosen for you to experience the varied wildlife in Assam. Manas National Park borders Bhutan and is known for…

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