In my 10 years in Delhi, I have grown accustomed to a different flavour of the rains. As a thoroughly river-and-rain bred girl from small-town Assam, I grew up to the sound of heavy rains drumming the rooftop of the humble ‘Assam-type house’. Those angled rooftops were the only common sight of landscape I was […]

Majuli: Playing cupid on the banks of the Luit river

The Hotel at Majuli had let their standards slide since my last trip there, and a few guests found it a bit uncomfortable. The warm bonfires, gorgeous sunsets, good food and the easy-going camaraderie of the group kept all in smiles. For me Majuli is magical, and I think some of that rubbed off on […]

Picnics on the river Brahmaputra

Winter in Assam is a time for outdoor activities – camping, wildlife watching, fishing, trekking and picnics.   Most of these activities for my family revolved around the river Brahmaputra, where the water recedes post the monsoon and  islands form. These sandbanks  that are teaming with wildlife, especially migratory birds. I remember once my father […]