A PERFECT CUP OF TEA – Bearers, Planter’s Club and a Heritage Bungalow

Thank you for sending all your wonderful feedback and comments on our last post – Colonial Cuisines of Assam. In this article I have woven in a tiny anecdote from Mr S. Sharma’s note. That era of monsoon dance nights at the club, drinking a ‘Jaleel special orange squash’ after a round of golf at […]


The gorgeous painting ( cover image ) was done by the artist, Dr. Sanjeev Handique  as a little boy in 1979 of a bungalow in Digboi. Both he and Kashmiri Nath, who has contributed the article and photographs grew up in this quaint charming old town in Tinsukia district of Assam. When Assamese Cuisine is mentioned […]

1914, the year my Grandmother was born

This year my Aita ( grandmother in Assamese) turned 100. She is not in the best of health and remained largely unaware of this historic moment. After the initial excitement and all the ‘ wow to live to be a 100’ tapered off , I was curious to know what India was like in 1914, […]

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