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Drawing of a Shaman chanting outside a hut in Hong Basti, located near Ziro

Let's go East

The sketch on the left is of a shaman chanting outside a hut in Hong Basti, located near Ziro. A prayer call to the gods to shower their blessings. One does not need a camera to take picture for life. All you will ever need is some ink and a sheet of paper.

Welcome to the East of India. The unexplored land, a calm melting pot of unheard cultures and unexperienced traditions.


Curtain Call Adventures organizes curated tours to let you soak in a varied chunk of the north east. We help you understand the region, and explore the hidden gems of the land that has set itself firm in time bygone. A true melting pot of cultures and experiences.

From keeping a date with the one-horned Indian Rhinoceros to spending a night in the longest river island in the world at Majuli, our curated tours never let you down.

All curated tours are personally experienced by Julie Kagti, and chosen to give you the utmost exposure the land of culture where life revolves around mountains and forests, river and lakes.

About Julie Kagti

Julie Kagti, founder and curator of Curtain Call Adventures

Founder & Curator

Julie learned to weave from her grandmother and went onto make a career in the textile industry. She spent twenty odd years as an entrepreneur, designer and teacher, and today lives in in Mumbai with her husband and two kids.

Brought up in North East of India, where people continue to follow in the footsteps of previous generations, Julie speaks and understands the language, and some of the customs. 

With the energy she shares this piece of her life, it will enrich your experience  when she takes you places. Be it admiring the fauna and flora, wandering through villages of the ethnic tribes, shopping for artisan crafts, meeting the locals over bonfires and enjoying traditional food.

How can I join the experience?

Curtain Call Adventures offers curated tour experiences. To book yourself a tour, why don't you visit our tour section?