Mini Meghalaya Experience


Cherrapunjee – Spectacular scenery, trekking & a root bridge.

Shnongpdeng – Choose from a list of adventure sports or devise your own tour with a ride on a local boat.

Shillong – Visit a sacred grove, heritage walk, music cafes and meal at a private residence.

Any time from mid September to mid June. The waterfalls in Meghalaya are rain fed and best time to see them is early April to mid June.
For trekking mid October to March is the best time.

Meghalaya, the perfect nature destination. Everyday will be curated for you to relax, get the urban lifestyle out of your system and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Drive through virgin forests to stand near a waterfalls that seems to be falling from the heavens itself. Breathe deep the pure air and look downwards to the plains of another country. Walk through the enchanting patch of forest at Mawphlang and meditate. Go on a visual scavenger hunt through the beautiful Mawsmai Caves and explore waterfalls in Cherrapunjee! Enjoy views of the Umgot River as you camp on an island near Shnongpdeng or drive up to Lum Sohpetbneng peak, considered sacred to the indigenous Khasi tribe.

Day 1 Shillong – Mawphalang – Cherrapunjee

Transfer from Shillong or Guwahati airport and proceed to Mawphlang, a beautiful drive. Enjoy an hour’s walk through an enchanted patch of forest exploring different varieties of mushrooms, medicinal plants and other flora. The Japanese have a term called forest bathing, cleansing your mind by walking inside a forest. We highly recommend it followed by a five minute of deep breathing to soak in the clean fresh air. Driving time: 1 hour 45 mins from Shillong Airport / 3 hours 45 mins from Guwahati Airport. Early in the evening, after checking into the hotel, driving time: 1 hour 45 mins (from Mawphlang to Cherrapunjee) take a walk around the cliff sides or catch glimpses of our neighbouring country, Bangladesh through the clouds from your hotel room window. The evening will be spent at leisure at the hotel.

Day 2 -Cherrapunjee Local Sightseeing

Today we have planned a mild day outdoors to aid you switch off your urban senses and just be an observer. For that we have designed a perfect game for you, where you will be given a set of clues to a simple visual scavenger hunt that you can capture on your mobile throughout your day. We have a gift for the winner. Explore a cave, the local momo shop near the caves, some waterfalls, the early missionary settlement (one or two remains of colonial architecture). Enjoy a simple lunch made using only local produce at a hotel and then take an easy hike to a nearby root bridge which is 20-25 mins away from the main road. Take your time marvelling at these natural wonders and the ingenuity of the tribes in creating such a sustainable design. Evening relax in the hotel and be entertained by a local music band.

Day 3 Cherrapunjee / Shnongpdeng

Choose an option:

  • Trek to the Jingkieng Nongriat double-decker root bridge. The trek is not hard but takes time and a bit of effort. Depending on your pace you can also go down to rainbow falls. We will arrange for a light snack and drinking water. The trek will be in about 4-4.5 hrs in total.
  • OR 2. Drive to Shnongpdeng ( Driving time: 1.45 mins) and cross over to the camp site set on an island by the crystal clear waters of the Umgot river. The camp is managed by Pioneer Adventure Tours who are certified and registered with the Meghalaya tourism department. Spend the day trying your hand at an outdoor adventure sport. Please note: Tea, snacks and a basic lunch cooked at the campsite will be provided. You have an option to cross over back to Shnongpdeng and drive back to the hotel or to stay at the camp site in basic tents.
  • In consultation with the local guide you can decide to forge your own plan and head out to discovery the terrain on your own. We will arrange for a light snack and drinking water. You can decide the duration of your activity. Evening at leisure in the hotel.

Day 4 – Shillong

Drive to Shillong. Choose from a list of activities we will provide you with to make memories to take back home.

Day 5 – Shillong – airport

Check out and head to the airport. En route, you have the option of going for a trek or driving up to Lum Sohpetbneng peak located in a hill near the Umiam Lake. This site is considered sacred to the indigenous Khasi tribe who still follow their homogenous religion. You can take the vehicle up to a point and then trek. OR If you are flying out of Guwahati airport then check out of the hotel and proceed towards Guwahati. There will be a coffee break in between. We will arrange lunch for you at a popular restaurant in Guwahati with the house speciality after which you can proceed to the airport.