Eight days in birders’ paradise

Touring across bio diverse hotspots in Assam and Arunachal, here’s an in-depth account of rare bird sightings in breath-taking vistas As we made our way through rain swept hillsides, snowy peaks and verdant valleys on an eight-day birding tour across Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, each of us came back with a cache of treasured memories. […]

A work of heart

Scrolling through artist Thokchom Sony’s Instagram handle, it’s hard not to notice videos and images of the striking Golden Tortoise beetle or Sandrembi as it’s known as in Manipur – these tiny other-worldly creatures with a golden body and translucent wings that look ethereal. Much like Sony’s surreal works of art – striking watercolours of […]


Finds of and research in Ahom coins have revealed fascinating details of Ahom heritage. “If the sun is once eclipsed, does it not make its appearance again?” was the maxim of the legendary Ahom dynasty that ruled Assam for almost six centuries (1228-1826), holding its own and even keeping the mighty Mughals at bay. A […]

A Portrait of a Market in India Run Solely by Women

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with travel restrictions in place worldwide, welaunched a new series — The World Through a Lens — in which photojournalists helptransport you, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places. Thisweek, Trishna Mohanty shares a collection of images from Imphal, the capital city ofManipur. Barely […]

” Waste not, want not”

Rasna Baruah shares a few lessons on simple daily conservation practices which we can all follow. It just needs us to be conscious about our lifestyle and home environment. A nostalgic account of a time when households were more self contained and produced a lot of their own fruits and vegetables, wove their own fabrics […]

My Journey into conservation: Illuminations from Arunachal Pradesh

It was a delight coming across M.Janaki’s instagram handle @janaki_27. Behind each lovely image was a story about a forest, a tribe or place from the far flung corners of Arunachal Pradesh. A state that holds a very dear spot in my heart. Out of pure curiosity I got in touch with her to know […]

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